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First Baptist Church has a rich history and a long-standing presence in the Village of Wellsville.  We are church community made up of members of the community who have a passion for Christ and for the community.

Listed below is an abbreviated history of the journey from then until now:

In the spring of 1911, two Baptist ministers, Rev. John Williams and Rev. William B. Woodson, moved to Wellsville from McDonald, PA. They canvassed the town to see if there were enough people here of Baptist faith to hold service together. Seventeen members began meeting regularly in the home Rev. Williams at 1300 Commerce Street. On October 14, 1911, the First Baptist Church was organized.


The Charter Members:

  • Rev. & Mrs. John Williams                                                 

  • Mr. & Mrs. John Bush

  • Rev. & Mrs. William B. Woodson                                    

  • Mr. John Gravely

  • Mrs. Rose Leftwich                                                              

  • Mr. Homer Scott

  • Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Scott                                                  

  • Mrs. Ruth & Lizzie Brown

  • Mrs. Annie Croons

  • Miss Christine Williams                                                       

  • Mr. Ed Roan

  • Mr. Otis Huff


Rev. John Williams was elected to be the first pastor. He served until early 1913

Rev. William Woodson, one of the charter members, became pastor when Rev. Williams resigned.   Twenty-four more were added to the church and the first baptizing was in the Ohio River at 18th Street.

The first Deacon Board was formed consisting of five members:
Mr. John Bush, Chairman, Mr. James Giles, Mr. James Mosley, Mr. Homer Scott, and Mr. Julius Robinson


The first Officers of the church:

Mr. Ben Travers, Sr.             Church Clerk

Mr. Edward Leftwich             Treasurer

Mrs. McKeever                     Organist

Mrs. Milly Martin                  First Mother of the Church


The Pastors of First Baptist Church:

1911-1913 Rev. John Williams    

1913-1917 Rev. William B. Woodson

1919-1920 Rev. C. W. Hopewell

1921-1925 Rev. George White

1926-1926 Rev. A. L. Lasta

1926-1931 Rev. Edwin Smith

1934-1947 Rev. William Oglesby

1948-1951 Rev. J. B. Williams.

1952-1955 Rev. L. S. Jones followed.

1956-1961 Rev. William B. Carswell.

1961-1964 Rev. John Maiden at the Rev. Carswell. 

1968-1970 Rev. Eddie Arrington.

1971-1979 Rev.Jeremiah Hunter

1980-2013 Rev. Roosevelt Thompson, Jr

2013-2014 Rev. Hubert D. Clardy

2015-2021 Rev. Darren J. Rogers


In 2003, The Food Pantry was added as a ministry of the church. The Food Pantry provides food to those in the community that are in need. All of the Food Pantry workers are volunteers who are members of various churches throughout the Village.

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